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ConnectingBlox provides expert level sales and support for virtually any business network. Our engineering teams have designed, implemented and managed everything from SOHO installations to scaled-out networks supporting servers crossing international boarders. Click any of the links below to learn more about our capabilities.

What ConnectingBlox, LLC offers:

Network Design

ConnectingBlox is a leading source for expert sales and support of network products. Whether you have 5 computers or 500, we have products and services to fit your needs.


Firewalls and perimeter security are the first line of defense in protecting your company from hackers and other prying eyes. The ConnectingBlox team has a deep understanding of perimeter security. Call us at 248-331-9520 to learn how we can help keep your networks and data secure from outside attacks.

Wireless Networks

ConnectingBlox is a leader in enterprise wireless networks, supporting anything from simple single access-point networks to complex meshed, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks. So whether you need to provide wireless access in a 3-room office or across a 30-building campus, we can help.

Cloud Services

The Cloud. It’s on everybody’s mind but most don’t know what it is or why it’s important. The cloud can be a business’ best friend or worst enemy. Call ConnectingBlox at 248-331-9520 and we’ll help you make sense of it all.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware

Protecting your computers and devices from viruses and malware takes more than just good software. No single anti-virus product is 100% effective. ConnectingBlox supports leading anti-virus solutions and augments them with services and advice to prevent infections before they start. Of course, if you do get infected we provide remediation and data recovery services to get you back up and running fast.

Data Protection

Your data is at risk. That’s a cold hard fact of today’s computing environment Cybercrime is expanding at an alarming rate. And the threat can come from anywhere – hackers attacking your networks or employees copying data right from their own computers. ConnectingBlox has long recognized the wide variety of threats and helps our customers mitigate those risks. We offer services and consulting for complete data protection – from firewalls and anti-malware to encryption, data leak prevention (DLP) and vulnerability management.


ConnectingBlox provides broad support for server hardware and server operating systems. Our technicians are vendor certified on the leading brands of server hardware and a wide variety of server-based operating systems. From sales and installation of new server hardware to maintenance, migration and even recovery of your existing servers, ConnectingBlox has solutions.


As part of the first certification class offered by Citrix, ConnectingBlox has been involved in virtualization technologies before anyone else knew what it was. Things have changed a lot since those first products, but the concept is the same: Virtualization saves money by allowing more applications and users to share resources thus reducing the overall investment in computer hardware. As an IT vendor we recognize the technological value of virtualization, and as a partner to our customers we recognize the business value.

VoIP Systems

VoIP systems are an easy and cost-effective inclusion of advanced features that make your phone system a more powerful tool. We can help guide you through all the choices and understand what features will provide the most benefit to your business. For our customers that have already moved to newer technology, or are ready to make the switch to a new phone system, ConnectingBlox can help define your needs and narrow the choices to systems that are appropriate for your business. We offer direct sales and support of several systems and work with partners to provide sales and support of many others. If your needs fit a system we can directly support then that’s great, but if not we’d prefer to point you in the right direction.

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