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ConnectingBlox was founded in 2008 to assist and team up with small to medium-sized business throughout Southeast Michigan. Throughout all the years we have been in business we’ve provided insight and recommendations to many small business to easy the worries about technology so they can concentrate on their own growth of their business as we know first hand that IT can be challenging.

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Our Mission

To be a valued member of our clients’ team. To provide our clients with the technical tools and advice necessary to help them be successful, gain market share and increase profitability.

With nearly 80 years of combined experience and hundreds of projects under our belts, we have the skills necessary to make technology and your business a winning combination.

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We are systems engineers, software developers and process experts from the trenches. Our diverse experiences shaped ConnectingBlox to better serve the business world.

ConnectingBlox Goals

Sense of Importance

We understand the frustration first hand when a clients IT is just running correctly. By having that understanding we have put into place many outlets for our clients to always reach us and get and IT issue resolved. When a customer is hurting we ourselves our hurting. At ConnectingBlox, the position of having any piece of IT infrastructure working correctly and smoothly with our clients satisfied are one in the same.

Solution Driven

We motivate ourselves by providing our clients with the technical tools and advice necessary to resolve any issues. With the understanding that all problems are different but can be fixed and prevented in the future we give the support and comfort to our customers that their IT will always be in good hands.

Customer Solutions

We strive ourselves by providing great customer service on many different requests and issues with their IT. We provide each client a separate and personal outline for their companies IT but also help them create a goals list on where they would like their IT Department to grow and improve over time. The whole point of that is to create plans that are cost effective and understandable for our clients.

Customer Relations

We treat all customers as if we are their own personal IT department rather then a third party service provider. It creates a better relationship with all our customers which then gives our customer a more personal touch.

Positive Business Impact

Providing a technology partner you can count on and delivering the best possible ROI is our goal. Aligning technology with business objectives to produce stronger, leaner and more productive organizations – that’s Positive Business Impact.


Our team has experience with over 30000 IT products and services. We can’t possibly partner with all of them, but here are a few of the industry leading companies with whom we have partnered.

Meet the Managing Members

Adam Curl


Adam started his career like many people do; by finding his passion for his career by going to College. After receiving his Associates Degree in Computer Science from Oakland Community College he started working for a small business outside of Pontiac, MI running their entire IT department. When ConnectingBlox was formed back in 2008 Adam and Jeff connected as Jeff Hatfield was looking for assistance with ConnectingBlox clients. Adam saw this as an opportunity to learn in his field but also create something for himself. Like most IT professional, Adam started out as a field service technician working for a variety of clients and industries but in doing so he created a personal relationship with each one. He became our clients IT management role model as he was always available to provide some insight and give his honest opinion on how our clients should run their IT to better fit their needs over monies. Over the years Adam has gained MCP, MCSA, and CNMA certificates and learned many different technologies as well as to how to run a successful business. After nearly 15 years in IT, Adam is still as motivated today to help companies properly utilize technology as well as continuing to create personal relationships with his clients and grow alongside the business he helped created. Managing Owner as of 2008.

Christina Curl


Christina is known for working in many well-known industries. For several years before joining a successful IT firm in Troy, MI, Christina focused on finding her passion in her career whether it was in her hobby of cooking or her focus of helping other obtain a job with Background Screening in the field of Human Resources. But in the end, it turned out to be ConnectingBlox was her calling. It started out very simple and innocent with first helping manage business operations and focusing the company Mission Plan as an Independent Contractor. That easily turned into the love and hard work of being her own boss and employer but also creating a relationship with ConnectingBlox clients. It became clear that Christina was passionate and strong willed to learn and grow but also help the company succeed before her own succession. Starting out as an Administrative Assistant, Christina was working to bring ConnectingBlox a more efficient and transparent workplace. Then she successfully transitioned from a position in Administration to learning the ins and outs of the Accounting System bring the company to a higher standard of accuracy. After seeing all the hard work and hours spent in ConnectingBlox by Christina, it was obvious that there was passion and a mission that she wanted to see to the finish line. Christina is extremely excited to help ConnectingBlox properly run their business as she was the first day, she walked through the doors at ConnectingBlox and after much consideration and hard work shown by Christina she was given the honor of becoming a Managing Member of ConnectingBlox dated on 02/01/2020.

Her focus is still maintaining the company internals but also know is tackling Cyber Security Assessments for all clients – new and current.

Sara Steelman


Sara joined the ConnectingBlox team in May 2019 as a helpdesk technician. She quickly showed the team her worth and was asked to join as one of the partners. Sara continues to work to resolve client issues and provide great customer service. She is a graduate of American InterContinental University with a Masters in Information Technology. Sara has over 15 years experience in the Information Technology and Customer Service fields. When Sara is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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