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With us as your Managed Services Provider, you have an entire team of IT specialists ready to guide your business into the future as your Virtual CTO. We see your company as our own and take pride in providing Low Rate costs to keep your company focused on growth and business development while we handle and manage all company IT needs.

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What Your Business Gets With Blox247

One Low Rate

With a fixed monthly rate and no hidden fees you get an entire IT department at a fraction of the cost.

Beyond the Basics

Your own Virtual CTO who works to understand your business and keep IT aligned to your goals.

Keeping you Focused
By taking the stress out of technology, ConnectingBlox helps you stay focused on what you do best.

Years of Experience

Small Business Clients

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Positive Business Impact

Providing a technology partner you can count on and delivering the best possible ROI is our goal. Aligning technology with business objectives to produce stronger, leaner and more productive organizations – that’s Positive Business Impact.


Our team has experience with over 30000 IT products and services. We can’t possibly partner with all of them, but here are a few of the industry leading companies with whom we have partnered.

One Low Rate

Traditionally, managed services providers offer a monthly fee for services, but it becomes more of a “minimum charge”. You quickly find out that the fee only covers specific services or standard business hours – out of scope services, weekends, late nights incur additional charges and suddenly the savings aren’t what you expected. ConnectingBlox is a true flat fee all-inclusive service. Think of our IT specialists as part of your salaried staff – if you need us, we’ll be there; 24/7 no extra charge. Our flat fee model builds accountability, and ensures that your IT is always increasing productivity and driving profitability. Our success is truly defined by your success, because our profitability is reliant on your IT systems performing efficiently.

Proactive Services

Of course, “keeping IT running” is an important job for any IT department. ConnectingBlox uses leading edge technologies to monitor and maintain your entire technology investment. Our monitoring tools keep a watchful eye on hundreds of metrics to ensure your infrastructure, servers and critical applications are performing at their best. When any metric reports something out of the ordinary our proactive service kicks in and potential problems are addressed before they impact your business. Regular maintenance operations are performed behind the scenes and after hours to prevent any inconvenience. Your network should be like power or water – you know it’s there but you never have to worry about how it works.

For our customers that want more visibility into their network, we can include any members of your team in the alert and notification plans. Upon request we’ll even install signage in your office which details network health and performance status in real time

Business Continuity

With the ever increasing dependence of businesses on their IT, having a plan for continuity and disaster recovery has never been more important. ConnectingBlox Managed Services clients get a professionally developed business continuity and disaster recovery plan PLUS a testing and remediation process that keeps it up to date and guarantees it works if called upon.

How much would it cost your business to be without IT for a day? A week? Longer? If a disaster happened today do you know how long it would take to get all your critical technology services back online? Let ConnectingBlox help you answer these questions.

Virtual CTO

Growing and maintaining a business is hard enough without having to keep up with technology trends. You need a CTO, somebody that carries the burden of making sure technology works for you and keeps an eye on the future while minding the budget. But a CTO is expensive. With a ConnectingBlox managed services plan you get all the benefits of having a CTO without the salary expense. Your Virtual CTO takes the time to understand your business and designs and builds and IT environment to support your goals. Where most managed service providers simply “keep IT running” ConnectingBlox uses technology to drive productivity and profitability.

Our services are designed to be as transparent as you require. If you need an IT presence in a meeting or need your customers and/or vendors to be able to reach your IT department we can do that and nobody ever needs to know we’re a 3rd party.

Support for End Users

Our team of highly skilled engineers are available 24/7 to assist your end users. With sophisticated remote diagnostics and login tools and a huge knowledgebase available we can troubleshoot and repair issues quickly and with the utmost professionalism. Your end users will quickly think of our team as “the guys down the hall with all the answers!” You even get an online portal with up-to-the-minute status and details of every issue raised by your users, our engineers or even automatically via our monitoring systems.

Vendor & Contract Management

One of the duties of your Virtual CTO is the management of outside services and contracts. With ConnectingBlox as your Managed Services Provider you get a true single point of contact for IT. Our team will work to find cost savings and improved services offerings from all your vendors.

Cloud Computing

The cloud. What is it? Where is it? How can it help my business? Those may sound like simple questions. But the truth to the cloud is far more complex. ConnectingBlox can leverage our knowledge of the cloud to help you understand if it is right for your business. Your Virtual CTO will guide you to the appropriate cloud solutions designed to meet your business goals in the most flexible, reliable and cost effective manner.

Implementing cloud solutions without proper guidance and support often results in a significant drop in ROI over time. While a cloud solution may seem like the right choice at first, it is very common for the support costs to increase as much as 300% after the initial implentation period.

Security & Protection

Network security and data protection are often the most overlooked areas in small business computing. But a single breach is often more costly to small business than large enterprises. ConnectingBlox includes enterprise-class security management in our managed services program, giving our clients security resources previously out of their reach. Our security teams will routinely run vulnerability assessments on your network and use their findings to continually strengthen your defenses. We ensure that our clients always have excellent firewall, anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware and intrusion prevention systems supplemented by monitoring tools designed to detect “zero-day” attacks. In the unlikely event of a security incident with our Flat rate services there is never any charge for remediation.