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Construction Take-Off

Accurate estimating is key to successful construction projects. There are many tools available to help quickly deliver accurate, professional estimates. ConnectingBlox helps our customers sort through all the choices to find the best products to meet their needs.

Many construction companies are still using Excel spreadsheets and complex manual processes to create their estimates. The result is a time consuming and often overly compartmentalized estimating process. While not every construction segment needs fully automated take-off systems, introducing some level of automation and document control can help any company streamline and improve estimating. Once estimating is managed in a more controlled fashion, it becomes easy to take the next logical step of integrating estimates into your ERP system and creating a fast and simple process to move from estimate to live job.


Key Technologies

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    EAM keeps track of your equipment and supplies Read More
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    Translate paper to CAD with ease. Read More
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    Building Information Modeling ties together a project's lifecycle. Read More
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On-Screen Takeoff

On-screen takeoff software allows your estimators to review CAD drawings on their computers and convert the measurements and details directly into an estimate. On-Screen takeoff products work best with CAD files, but when files aren't available large-format scanners can be used to prepare blueprints or site plans for use in the software. There are many on-screen takeoff products on the market today, with some designed for general use and others geared toward more specific segments such as framing, grading, excavation, plumbing, duct work and wiring.


Digitizing Hardware

As an alternative to on-screen takeoff, large format digitizers are commonly used to trace drawings or blueprints directly into CAD and/or estimate programs. Digitizers come in many sizes, with some designed to be affixed to drafting tables and others that are portable (and even flexible) for field use.


Materials & Subcontractor Data

ConnectingBlox works with industry leading data sources to help our customers produce better estimates. We can integrate sources such as RS Means, GradeBeam or Richardson's CostDataOnline into estimating tools.


Bid Rooms

Once your bidding process is operating at maximum efficiency, ConnectingBlox can help you create bid rooms and document management/delivery systems, extending your bidding resources to customers and subcontractors. Through easy to use online portals you can make documents available to customer and subcontractors, subcontractors can submit their bids online and your estimators can provide fast notification of updates.


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