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Shop Floor Status Boards

Digital Signage ExamplesBy themselves or as part of a comprehensive Manufacturing Execution System, our Shop Floor Status Boards are a cost effective tool for improving the efficiency of your manufacturing operations.

ConnectingBlox combines our database integration and development tools with inexpensive hardware to create status boards that can deliver relevant information to your shop floor in real-time. From simple informational displays to interactive systems updated directly by shop floor personnel, these boards keep production moving.

With our vast experience in ERP and related manufacturing systems, ConnectingBlox can build status boards with live data feeds from hundreds of software products and nearly any database system. We can even pull data from old legacy systems and present it in a modern interface.

These status boards can have many valuable uses in any manufacturing environment:

  • Production schedules
  • Digital Hejunka boxes
  • Kanban status boards
  • Rush order alerts
  • Operation queues
  • Takt Time metrics
  • Machine alerts
  • Advance shipping notices


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