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The Storage Challenge

Over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit has doubled approximately every two years.

Moore's Law

For over 50 years Moore's Law has been a driving force of technological change, fueling productivity and economic growth. While some progress has slowed, today the law is applied to "data density". In simplest terms, where computing power was growing in the past, the most significant growth today is the data being processed. As a result, storage needs are expanding faster than ever. As more data fits into smaller space, storage will continue to be a significant driver in business computing.

Disk drive density, also known as areal density, will double every thirteen months; as areal density improves, storage will become cheaper.

Kryder's Law

It sounds so simple - as your data needs grow, just add some cheap storage. Many fall into that trap - but where does it end? Without management and control storage can quickly become IT's biggest "money pit".

Data Expands to Fill All Available Space.

The ConnectingBlox Hypothesis

In a recent study a significant majority of companies indicated an expected growth in storage of between 10-30%. With most small businesses today having approximately 2TB of total storage per computer user that adds up to around 300GB per user on average!

Storage Growth Chart

And storage growth is only part of the challenge: storage technologies are rapidly changing, privacy and security concerns impact how you control your storage, mobile devices change where you place your storage. You need an expert - somebody that understands storage from a technical perspective and can relate that understanding to your business. ConnectingBlox has years of experience helping make sense of storage. Our engineers can help you wade through all the information (and misinformation) to build a storage roadmap that you can rely on.

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Key Issues

  • How much storage do I need?
  • How do I protect my data?
  • What is the difference between SAN and NAS?
  • Should I be using Cloud storage
  • What is a Private Cloud?
  • Is my Cloud secure?

StorageBlox SAN

These custom designed storage systems utilize high quality computer hardware and an advanced operating system to create an ideal mix of performance, reliability and expandability at an affordable price.

Continu8 Cloud Backup

Continu8 provides secure offsite backup solutions. Our service can cover a single server or hundreds and we offer a local SpeedVault option that always keeps a copy of your backups onsite for faster access.