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Digital Signage ExamplesDigital signage systems are an effective means of promoting your products, keeping customers and employees informed and even interacting with visitors to your facilities.

ConnectingBlox provides sales, support and design assistance for a variety of signage systems encompassing retail, restaurant, hospitality, office and industrial needs. From simple single displays to complex remotely controlled display networks and even video wall systems, we can be your single source for all your digital signage needs.

As experts in digital signage systems, we help our customers sort through the choices - signage controllers, media players, media servers and physical displays to build custom signage for their exact needs. Many vendors try to convince you that digital signage is nothing more than a mini PC connected to a TV screen. Sometimes that's true, but if the end goal is to provide video streams to multiple screens or create a large screen from several smaller ones, the implementation is much different. A digital signage partner should understand more than just a PC and screen - there are specialized protocols, video codecs, matrix switching and other emerging technologies that need to be part a your vendor's toolbox. ConnectingBlox has all these things and with our experience in industrial systems we can add a deep understanding of displays in harsh and demanding environments.

Examples of Digital Signage

Digital signage systems are no longer just a niche product reserved for big enterprises. These systems have become cost effective tools for even small businesses:

Digital signage products can replace point of purchase displays or be strategically located throughout your store as a highly effective marketing tool. They are bright, attention grabbing devices that can even provide interaction with your customers. Your signage can even include proximity marketing to rapidly target customers specific tastes and needs.
Restaurants are increasingly implementing digital signage as a replacement for traditional menu boards. Digital menu boards are easier to update and provide enhanced visual appeal to your customers.
Offices & Commercial Real Estate
Digital signage can be used in reception areas to inform and entertain visitors. Interactive kiosks can even help direct visitors to their destinations.
Digital signage can be an invaluable tool to the shop floor. Static systems can be used to keep personnel informed and help production remain on task and on time. More interactive systems can replace hejunka boxes and manual kanban systems to improve efficiency.

If you need a partner for your digital signage products, call ConnectingBlox at 248-331-9520 for a free consultation.

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