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ConnectingBlox is your partner for all your accounting system needs. Even industry specific and complex ERP solutions.

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ConnectingBlox supports many local and cloud-based accounting tools for small businesses.

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Experienced with a variety of legacy and modern ERP systems, ConnectingBlox can handle your ERP needs.

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ConnectingBlox can help design effective reporting systems and executive dashboards.

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Why You Need ERP

22% Reduction in operating costs through streamlined workflow automation available in modern ERP systems

Aberdeen Group ERP Study 2015

Average decrease in order to shipment times through ERP 23%

Panorama ERP Study 2015

24% increase in on-time deliveries with modern ERP systems, due to improved productivity, order tracking, and decision making

Aberdeen Group ERP Study 2015

Inventory accuracy provided by modern ERP systems: 97%

2015 ERP Report

Why You Need ConnectingBlox

69% of companies selecting ERP vendors without a consultant would NOT select the same vendor again

Panorama ERP Report

ERP buyers not even demoing a product before buying: 33%


28% report being unable to serve their customers as well as they would like due to a lack of functionality in their ERP systemMint Jutras

ERP projects require some customization: 85%

Panorama ERP Report

Small Business Accounting

Every business needs accounting. But not every business needs complicated ERP systems and analytical accounting capabilities. If that's you, ConnectingBlox can help you select and implement the basic accounting package that best suits your needs. From industry standards like Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) and QuickBooks to newer cloud-based systems and even license-free open source products, ConnectingBlox can guide you to the right products and get you up and running at a price that won't break the bank.

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

If your business needs go beyond basic accounting, ConnectingBlox has experience with many ERP systems including industry leaders such as Infor, Oracle, Epicor, Aptean and Microsoft Dynamics. As seasoned consultants to a diverse selection of manufacturing and distribution cleints, ConnectingBlox can not only assist in selecting the proper ERP system but will be there every step of the way helping to define the processes and procedures that will make your ERP implementation a successful one.

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ERP is something no company should take lightly. While the potential benefits are immense, tackling ERP without proper guidance can lead to major operational disruptions, even after go-live.


Industry Specific ERP

Having an ERP solution that isn't built for your industry can lead to lack of discipline in everyday processes and cost your business the ability to respond to change. A flexible industry specific ERP solution will provide a foundation for your company to accomodate virtually any type of change quickly and cost-effectively. ConnectingBlox has experience implementing ERP in many industries:

  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Make to Order (Job Shop)
  • Primary Metals
  • Plastics Manufacturing
  • Janitorial & Maintenance
  • Building Materials
  • Retail
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Food Processing
  • Bio-Tech & Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Mechanical/Plumbing/HVAC
  • General Construction
  • Civil & Heavy Construction
  • MRO
  • Electronics & PCB
  • Cables & Wire Harnesses
  • Packaging


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67% of survey respondants reported that they need a solution with more industry-specific functionality than their current ERP system gives them.


The Value of a Partner

Having an experienced partner to guide you through the ERP selection, design and implementation process is nearly as important as selecting the right product. A quality partner such as ConnectingBlox can apply a wealth of experience to your unique environment. Experience that can help avoid pitfalls that often derail these projects. As an ERP partner and and IT services firm, ConnectingBlox is uniquely positioned to not only manage the ERP implementation but also make sense of the technical requirements. Many ERP implementations incur out-of-scope costs and budget overruns as a result of misconfigured servers or misunderstood requirements. ConnectingBlox can make sure that doesn't happen.

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Only 56% of companies use a partner to guide their ERP implementation. Of those not using a partner:
61% experience longer implementation than expected
74% exceeded budgets
40% report major operational disruptions


Post-Implementation Support

Once you've selected and implemented your ERP system, what happens when it breaks? Downtime is very costly. Most ERP vendors move you into "maintenance mode" after the implementation is completed, which means you are no longer priority support and may have to pay for services and/or wait in long phone queues. Most IT companies and Managed Services Providers lack the resources to fully support complex enterprise software and as a small business it would be cost prohibitive to have an technical expert in your chosen ERP system on staff.

ConnectingBlox offers an extensive portfolio of post-implementation support to our clients. Part of having ConnectingBlox as your Managed Services Provider is having ERP technical experts available as part of your "IT department". But even if you prefer only to engage ConnectingBlox as your ERP partner, we can craft a support agreement making our ERP experts and technical support staff available when and where you need them. Even if you need a help desk to assist your users with how-to questions, ConnectingBlox can provide those services.

Business Intelligence & Executive Dashboards

ERP is the "how" or your business. Business Intelligence is the "why". Extending your ERP system to include a comprehensive BI tool allows you to not only produce the reports which can guide your management decisions, but also dig deep into history and trends to support those decisions. ConnectingBlox will work with you to implement the right tools and develop informative reports to keep your business on-track and help reach you operational goals.

Adding an Executive Dashboard to your BI solution keeps the management team informed on a real-time basis. Executive Dashboards can even be extended as digital signage throughout your business to keep the entire team up to date.

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With the proliferation of mobile devices many companies are now implementing Executive Dashboards that can be viewed on tablets and smartphones. ConnectingBlox offers services and tools to include Executive Dashboards in your mobile device strategy.


Extending Your ERP

The right ERP solution is a vital component in making technology complement your business strategy. But it is by no means the only component. There are many supporting products that should be considered as extensions to ERP. And in most cases, these extensions should be integrated with your ERP. Lack of a single, comprehensive data record (often called a "single version of the truth") is a significant reason for operational failures. ConnectingBlox can aid in the selection and evaluation of many ancillary products and integrate them with your ERP system.

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • Bar Coding/RFID
  • EDI & eCommerce
  • CRM & Marketing
  • Product Data/Lifecycle Management
  • Quality Control/SPC
  • Human Resources
  • Enterprise Asset Management/CMMS
  • Document Management/Imaging
  • ISO Support Systems
  • Business Process Management
  • Lab Management
  • Project Management


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