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The world's most popular open source payroll and time management software!

ConnectingBlox provides consulting, sales, implementation, training, customization and even hosting of TimeTrex.

If you are looking to implement an in-house payroll and time management system, TimeTrex is a great place to get started. TimeTrex Community Edition is a purely open source solution with enterprise-class HR, time & attendance and payroll features. And if you outgrow the Community Edition, even more features are available in professional and enterprise editions.

Time & Attendance

With TimeTrex you can track and monitor employee attendance accurately in real-time from anywhere in the world. Managers can remotely monitor and get up to the second reports regarding employee time and attendance, eliminating waiting until the end of the pay period to review attendance records.


Scheduling & Leave Management

TimeTrex has easy and flexible scheduling solutions for you whether you need to schedule two employees or 200. Employees may submit schedule requests such as vacation or personal time off directly within TimeTrex, eliminating time consuming miscommunication issues.


In-House Payroll

Since TimeTrex handles both Scheduling and Attendance, Payroll can be processed in just a few clicks. TimeTrex can print checks and facilitate direct deposit with electronic pay stubs.


Payroll Taxes

TimeTrex uses an advanced payroll deduction calculation engine that will automatically calculate federal and local income taxes as well as other custom deductions such as benefits, insurance and accrual programs. Tax forms for US and Canada can be automatically generated.


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