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Virus MessagesProtecting your computers and devices from viruses and malware takes more than just good software. No single anti-virus product is 100% effective. ConnectingBlox supports leading anti-virus solutions and augments them with services and advice to prevent infections before they start. Of course, if you do get infected we provide remediation and data recovery services to get you back up and running fast.

Malicious code writers come in many forms, some just looking to wreak havoc, some just wanting attention and an increasing number in it for profit. As profit opportunities increase, so does the number and skill level of the cyber criminals involved. No matter how good anti-virus software becomes, virus writers will always be a step ahead. Most infections actually occur because users have given a malicious program permission to access their system - when a window pops up saying you have a virus and you need to click ok to clean it, the instinctive reaction is to follow instructions and click ok. But if that message didn't come from your anti-virus software (and it rarely does) the second you click ok, it's too late. It's that instinctive behavior that virus writers today count on - getting users to click a link or button without a second thought. A good anti-virus strategy should include software installed on PCs, mobile devices and servers plus training to help you end users recognize tricks and scams.

The statistics are frightening!

According to a survey of small business conducted by Applied Research:

  • 74% of the businesses surveyed were affected by cyber attacks – including hackers, viruses, worms, etc. – in the past 12 months.
  • The average annual cost of these attacks was $188,242
  • 42% of businesses have lost confidential data in the last 12 months and 40% reported a direct financial loss.
  • Behind only accidental deletion of files, malware is the #2 cause of all data loss.
Malware Infection Statistics Not only are worms and other malware the most significant threat to corporate security, but the rate at which those threats deliver ranswomware (malware which encrypts your data and requires a "ransom" for the encryption key") has more than doubled. Given the frequency of attacks and the cost of lost data companies simply cannot afford incomplete or non-existent malware protection plans.


ConnectingBlox participates (along with thousands of other security experts worldwide) in virusology programs - studies of virus behaviors and consequences. We actually infect isolated systems in our labs intentionally to learn how they spread and what damage they cause. Through virusology, we are better able to combat malware prior to infection AND better repair damages in the event of an outbreak. Our virusology process also helps us evaluate anti-virus products to know which ones are the most effective for our customer's networks.

Our Preferred Solutions

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ConnectingBlox has found ESET to be consistently one of the highest performing anti-virus software products on the market for the past few years. We use it to protect our own systems and have the utmost confidence in the product for our customers. In addition to being among the best at catching and stopping malware, ESET has a lower resource impact than its competitors - so running ESET won't slow your computers down.


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