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Professional Services GroupAs a professional services organization ourselves, ConnectingBlox understands the importance of staying organized and always providing world-class service. While every segment has it's own challenges, we can apply many of the lessons we've learned through managing our own business to other professional services firms.

If your looking to streamline existing processes, upgrade to an integrated software package or even mobilize your systems give ConnectingBlox a call. With a wealth of experience in professional services technologies, ConnectingBlox can help create a roadmap to successful technology adoption.

77% of best-in-class professional services firms are more likely than all others to have implemented integrated PSA software.

Aberdeen Group Study

Greater gross margin realized by firms implementing PSA: 19%

Professional Services Sales and Marketing Maturity™ Benchmark

23% more potential deals in the pipeline resulting from implementing PSA.

Professional Services Sales and Marketing Maturity™ Benchmark

Mobilize Your Field Service

Mobile Phone in Hand

In today's fast paced environments, extending your office systems to the field is more important than ever. Smartphones, tablets and even vehicle-mounted PCs have become a standard tool for many professional services firms, allowing field personnel to capture accurate data when and where it happens.

ConnectingBlox helps mobilize your systems to improve the efficiency of your field operations.

Professional Services Automation is software which integrates key components of delivering professional services into a single system. PSA systems typically include project management, labor tracking, billing, scheduling and CRM tools. By combining these critical functions, PSA users can easily develop metrics to quantify and qualify business processes and use those metrics to streamline and improve those processes.

Through the use of PSA systems, firms often experience improved customer service and on-time delivery while seeing a reduction in lost revenue and shorter billing cycles. Further, since PSA systems can be configured with industry specific measures, firms can better understand their operations to improve efficiency and profitability.


Service Performance Insight is a global research firm dedicated to excellence in Professional Services Organizations. SPI developed the industry leading PS Maturity Model™ for performance improvement, currently used by over 10,000 service and project-oriented organizations. The model has 5 service levels which measure the key performance indicators for success in professional services. At each level, organizations become more profitable and convert pipeline opportunities to sales at a higher rate. It is a nearly impossible task to move beyond Level 3 without the use of PSA software.

ConnectingBlox can help your professional services organization adopt this model and move through the levels. Our consultants and technical experts can build a PSA system that works for you and easily fits into your budget. We support on-premise PSA solutions, cloud-based systems and even mobile field devices. Whatever your industry or need, give us a call and we'll match you up with the right tools.

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PSA Gains

An annual study of more than 200 professional services firms across a multitude of sizes, industries, and geographies paints a picture of how they are performing. Trends over the past few years reveal that all of the top-performing firms are gravitating towards professional services automation (PSA) software to make incremental changes to their performance and improve organizational visibility.

PSA Statistics