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Professional Services GroupNon-Profit/Non-Government Organizations can be especially challenging for IT. With limited budgets, IT expenditures typically must have longer lifespans while keeping pace with the complexity of the environment.

Managed Services is an excellent fit for non-profit organizations. Through our MSP programs you get a complete IT department experienced in working with non-profits at a fixed price that will easily fit into your budget. Our team understands the unique software requirements of non-profits and are experts at stretching the life of IT assets. If an MSP program isn't right for you, ConnectingBlox offers special pricing on our products and services for non-profit organizations.

41% of non-profit organizations use non-profit specific software for their data management

Software Advice

Donors who stop contributing due to lack of communication: 77%

Nonprofit Hub

40% of non-profits find technology planning difficult

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Nonprofits producing more content than they were a year ago: 65%

Content Marketing Institute

Industry Leaders

ConnectingBlox has worked with many of the leading non-profit software systems and vendors and has extensive experience using leading online marketing platforms to reach out to your current and future donors.

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Source: Software Advice NPO Survey

Organizations are turning to non-profit software to manage their operations and donor records more than ever before.

Janna Finch, a senior market research associate at Software Advice points out that "this increase comes as a result of smaller nonprofits trying to find the right fit to help with their operations, that also fits within their budgets. Most of the nonprofits that participated in the survey are smaller, with 78 percent having an annual operating budget less than $1 million, and another 15 percent with budgets between $1 million-$5 million."

ConnectingBlox specializes in helping these smaller organizations meet their IT needs. We have a variety of tools and services available to provide our nonprofit customers top-tier technology on a tight budget. Our team of nonprofit specialists can identify key areas where open source software can replace costly licensed products, reduce hardware and software costs through special programs and remarketed equipment, and provide valuable assistance in developing cost-effective donor marketing strategies. We even have reduced rate web design services to help improve your online presence!

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TechSoup provides products and services to non-profits at deeply discounted prices. We encourage all of our non-profit clients to utilize TechSoup for their IT needs and we will gladly install your purchases at discounted rates.

Remarketed Equipment

Larger companies often purchase equipment in bulk - as a result they often acquire more than they use. Even if the boxes were never opened, this equipment cannot be resold as new and cannot be returned to the original vendor. So these companies contract "remarketers" which purchase unused equipment and resell it at a significant discount. ConnectingBlox works with several reputable remarketers to offer our customers a lower cost option for their hardware needs.