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Mobile Development

Mobile Applications ImageConnectingBlox can help extend your enterprise to include mobile devices. Our development team can create mobile versions of your critical business systems or build forms processing applications to assist your field personnel. Mobilizing your applications adds new value to your investment in enterprise software and can greatly increase productivity. We can even build offline versions that allow your employees to work without an Internet connection and synchronize their data when they are back in range.

App Stores

Mobile applications built by ConnectingBlox can be digitally signed for deployment through common App Stores or we can integrate your mobile environment into an MDM (Mobile Device Management) system to deploy through your own corporate app store. Either way your users will have access to your corporate mobile applications quickly and easily.

Cloud Services

ConnectingBlox has many mobile application platforms available on our private cloud servers. Deploying your apps on our platforms enables maximum reliability and performance without the high investment cost of mobile infrastructure. Any apps developed by our team can be hosted either locally on your infrastructure, on common cloud services or on our private cloud.

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