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Legacy Systems Support

MinicomputerJust because they're old doesn't mean they aren't still important. ConnectingBlox is Southeast Michigan's premier supporter of legacy equipment and software. With equipment from IBM, Digital Equipment, Sun Microsystems and Silicon Graphics still in active use today, we know what it takes to maintain critical older systems.

"Orphaned" Software

One of the biggest challenges in legacy support is "orphaned" software. This is software that was either custom written and the authors are no longer available to support it, or software written by organizations that are no longer in business. ConnectingBlox can reverse engineer most orphaned software and provide ongoing support. In many cases we can even translate your orphaned software onto newer platforms and provide modernization services.

Of course, orphaned software isn't limited to legacy systems, ConnectingBlox also reverse engineers orphaned software on modern systems.

Migration & Virtualization

When the time finally comes to consider retiring your legacy systems, ConnectingBlox has services available to help find suitable replacements and migrate your data onto modern systems. For legacy systems such as HP3000 (MPE), VMS/OpenVMS (including Alpha-based systems) and Sun SPARC we can provide options to virtualize your legacy systems, keeping them running in virtual containers on current hardware platforms.

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