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Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Applications
Computer software to serve the needs of an organization and not just individuals within the organization. These are data-centric, user-friendly and mission critical applications typically running on servers or in the cloud.


Agile MethodologyConnectingBlox developers have over 50 years experience designing and building applications at the enterprise level. Our team is certified across a wide range of programming languages, 4GL tools and database platforms. Using an agile development methodology allows ConnectingBlox to deliver your enterprise projects quickly and within budget. The agile methodology provides a 360° approach to application development ensuring quality software built to our client's exact requirements.

Integrate & Extend

We often find that our client's existing systems fill the majority of their requirements. In these cases ConnectingBlox can tap into our resources to simply extend the functionality of existing systems or integrate multiple existing systems. This type of development is faster and more cost effective than completely re-engineering software and business processes, plus it preserves your previous investment.


The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) enables communication between enterprise applications while Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tools provide an added layer of data quality and flexibility. The ConnectingBlox development team has experience with all the leading ESB and ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) systems and can show you how these tools can improve your existing software or be used as key components in a custom platform.

Service-Oriented Architecture

ESB and ETL are key components in developing applications in a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) model. SOA breaks enterprise applications down into self-contained components each within its own functionality and uses "message protocols" (often provided by ESB or ETL) to transport information between components. SOA makes it easier to add functionality as needs change and grow, including simple options to mobilize your enterprise applications. ConnectingBlox has been developing SOA for over 15 years, with dozens of SOA-based applications in use by our clients today.

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