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ConnectingBlox recommends FOUNDATION Software as our preferred vendor in construction accounting software.

Using an off-the-shelf accounting software could be holding your company back. If you use spreadsheets or outside programs to track job costs or billings, you never really know the details of what’s happening on your jobs, or if you suffer from any of these other symptoms below, it might be time to upgrade to a construction-specific job cost accounting package. FOUNDATION is a powerful job costing construction software that’s easy to use and provides the accounting and management tools you need to run a successful construction business.

Here are some highlights from FOUNDATION's core system:

Job Costing
FOUNDATION is built to specifically handle construction accounting, so you can accurately track job costs through everyday transactions, like invoices, purchase orders and timecards. Because you can break job costs down into the detail you need, you’ll know exactly where every dollar is being spent.
General Ledger with full Audit Trail
FOUNDATION has the most robust General Ledger Module in the industry. Backed by over 30 years of experience in construction accounting software, you’ll know you have accounting software you can rely on to grow with. Above everything else, FOUNDATION is built on solid accounting principles. All posting logs and registers are given unique identifiers, so you can maintain a full audit trail for every transaction, every reversal, every correction.
Simple payables is key to good construction accounting software. FOUNDATION offers single click payables just by selecting the venor plus document imaging and routing for faster approvals. Advanced error checking throughout the process prevents overpayments, unbalanced entries and costly mistakes.
Complex Payroll
Construction payroll is complicated, but FOUNDATION is the construction payroll solution that lets you focus on the bigger picture. Whether you work with prevailing wage, union fringes or multiple states, FOUNDATION can automate your most complex payroll tasks.
Purchasing & Subcontracts
FOUNDATION helps you control spending and accounts for committed costs before they’re incurred. With FOUNDATION you'll have the ability to track inventory quantities, payments terms, shipping information and much more. PO/Subcontracts can even cross-check between purchase orders and accounts payable invoices to protect you from over-invoicing!
With flexible invoicing options, FOUNDATION focuses on fast processing to help maintain cash flow. With easy lump sum, progress, percent complete billings plus complete AIA billings FOUNDATION gets your invoices out the door fast.
*Time and materials and unit price invoicing are available in separate modules.


FOUNDATION has many additional modules available to build a complete construction accounting and management system:

  • Executive Dashboard
  • Project Management
  • Inventory
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Service Dispatch
  • Fixed Assets
  • Consolidated G/L
  • Document Imaging
  • Equipment Management


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